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The world of fashion is a highly competitive environment. Fashion Design is a creative and broad field, offering a wide range of exciting career opportunities. Studying fashion design is a fun-filled adventure, and depending on which fashion designing institute and program of your choice, you are very likely to get the chance to develop your own fashion collection through the duration of your studies. Majority of Fashion designing institutes cater for Degree Programs, concentrate more on academic achievements, however, as a designer one needs more practical knowledge than just theory to endure the fashion world to predominant themselves as designers.

Vidya Fashion Academy is a pioneer of Fashion Designing institutes in India, dedicated towards bringing global fashion scenario under one roof right here in Bangalore. VFA believes that No two people in this world have the same ideas and goals so why restrict them with a confined syllabus and curriculum norms, instead allow them to explore and find a program best suited for their likes and ability. So keeping this thought in mind VFA has designed multiple diploma and certificate programs catering to various focus fields in fashion such as pattern making and garment construction both basic for the novice and advanced for the adventurous creations, Illustration, Computer aided designing, styling, textiles …You name it and we have it..!

The academy boasts of state of the art laboratories, art equipments, and high end motorised sewing machines and computer technologies. Dedicated staff to guide and bring out the best creativity of the students. VFA has high confidence levels in fulfilling all the promises made to students while counselling them for admissions as far as syllabus is concerned and never falls short on the quality of services, facilities provided.

Among many Fashion Designing Institutes; VFA has been the chosen one for many international students to learn specialised techniques, specialists and prestigious fashion designing institutes and students across the world are connected with VFA.

VFA has been awarded as the best Fashion Designing Institute for its innovations and skill development programs; VFA is the only Fashion Designing Institute that represents international school “TR Cutting School-INDIA; in association with the most legendary pattern maker SHINGO SATO.

BEFORE APPLYING: Get your ground work done! To begin with, visit other similar Fashion Designing Institutes, enlist what the Fashion Designing institute offers you; terms of Theoretically/Practically, analyze your skill requirements before choosing an appropriate Fashion designing Institute, and learn the difference between fashion and design and the similarities between the two. You might make fantastic designs, but that doesn’t amount to understanding fashion. Converting a 2D design into 3D garment; you need to choose the Fashion Designing Institute that brings out the Skills in you.

YOUR ANSWER! Would help you choose the Right Fashion Designing Institute.

Vidya Fashion Academy- Verdict to your DREAMS!

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