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Institute for Apparel Merchandising and Marketing
Apparel Merchandising and Marketing

Vidya Fashion Academy is one of the Institutes for Apparel Merchandising and Marketing programs in Bangalore, India. Apparel merchandising Program helps students to prepare for management of a global fashion manufacturing company. The program combines creativity, computer technology, business knowledge and help students in product innovation, production planning, and technology use and resources management.

Vidya Fashion Academy is one of the top fashion marketing schools in the country. Students learn from professionals from industry who provide mentorship and access to wealth of knowledge. Faculties are talented industry professionals who bring their experience into the classroom, creating a dynamic, career-focused learning environment. The hands-on program combines apparel design classes with real world business training.

Vidya Fashion Academy prepares students to become the link between apparel design and production in the global supply chain. The hands-on training on industry-standard equipment is provided for students, so that students can learn how to take an idea from sketch to finished garment prototypes. An internship programs at a major fashion brand prepare students to quickly enter the industry with highly sought-after skills.

The Institutes For Apparel Merchandising and Marketing provide courses which prepares students for a wide range of careers within the changing global marketplace. The curriculum educates students in the application of technology, marketing of merchandise and retail buying and management skills. Students will understand the importance of professionalism, creative and critical reasoning, effective communication and research for achieving results in this diversified industry.

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