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Institute for Fashion and Illustration
Fashion and Illustration

There are many Institutes for Fashion and Illustration in Bangalore, India. Vidya Fashion Academy is also one of the finest institutes for Fashion and Illustration. Institutes offer many programs on fashion designing like diploma in fashion design, certificate courses. Students interested in fashion designing classes can submit the application form and get registered.

People with creative thinking can become fashion designers. Institutes help them to enhance their skill in fashion designing. Institutes teach the systematic method of designing. Institutes teach both drawings by hand i.e. manual drawings and computer drawings. Initially students are asked to draw the sketches manually. This method helps them to put their innovative ideas through free hand sketches.

Institutes conduct computer aided design classes for students. Students are asked to draw their free hand sketches using computer. The computer drawings can be modified more easily. Students can try verities of drawings for fashion designs. Students can try new designs by pinning on a piece of doll. Students can try different color combinations and variety of clothes using computer designs.

Once students get familiar with the use of computer, they can try out varieties of innovative designs. Whenever they get new creative designs, they can try it out on their system. This helps them in cloth selection and color selection for new designs.

Institutes provide information about new techniques and methods used in fashion design. The courses cover from basic to advanced methods of fashion designs.

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