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Tutorials for Fashion Designing
Fashion Designing Tutorials

Vidya Fashion Academy conducts Tutorials for Fashion Designing  in Bangalore, India. Students interested in Fashion Designing can use our tutorials to get the basic understanding of the course. Fashion designing is a creative work and fashion designers create trends and market new designs.
Tutorials aims to teach drawing skills required for fashion design and garment designing techniques. Sometimes designs are created as per client specification.

Tutorials for Fashion Designing will help beginners. The process begins with drawing sketches by hand and selecting suitable fabrics and colors and trying on a dummy piece. The course teaches to design distinct line of clothing.

Tutorials also provide information about fashion designs using computer. Computer drawings are easier to create and modifications can be done easily compared to hand drawings. Designing time is less compared to manual drawings. It also enables variations of designing in seconds. Computer designs have choice of 16.7 million colors and mix and match of colors can be done easily.

Tutorials have different chapters for intricacy in dress, pattern, jewellery etc. There are libraries for colors, patterns, pleats, yokes, sleeves etc. Students can try different permutations and combinations of designs and create unique and world class designs with further enhancement to suit unique imagination of designs.

Basically tutorials for fashion designing are aimed at beginners who are interested in fashion designing and plan to take up career as fashion designer. People with creative and innovative thinking can become fashion designers. Tutorials help them to enhance their skill which results in the creation of unique designs.

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