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What We Do?

No two people in this world have the same ideas and goals so why restrict them with a confined syllabus and curriculum norms, instead allow them to explore and find a program best suited for their likes and ability. Fashion is science of art!

Art is the divergent thinking Science is the Convergent thinking for learning any subject, At vfa you learn Science to excel in Art

As Fashion designers are in constant pressure for exploring the intricate & innovative design development, it is required for them to understand the components of appealing fashion trend, here students will learn the art of developing advanced techniques of patterns for particular attire and bring out their talent and imagination onto practice.

So keeping this thought in mind VFA has designed multiple diploma and certificate programs catering to various focus fields in fashion such as pattern making and garment construction both basic for the novice and advanced for the adventurous, Illustration ,Computer aided designing ,styling ,textiles …You name it and we have it..!

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Requires basic qualification of 10th or equivalent for all VFA courses and any fashion designing Program for TR Programs.

1year Diploma Program: Fashion Designing and Styling

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  • Afternoon Batch

  • March 15th

  • April 15th

  • June 15th

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  • September 15th

  • October 15th

  • December 15th

  • January 15th

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